How to effectively test your security camera

Have you already decided to buy a security camera to protect your property from unexpected
guests? If you have gone through millions of other users’ reviews, you already know that
cameras are not created alike. In this blog, we will provide you with some tips on how to test a
security camera.
The first thing you should test is the response time. In other words, you need to measure how
much time your camera needs to detect movement that occurs in its field of view and how
quickly it sends an alert to your smartphone when it does. Do not forget to measure also the time
your video doorbell button needs to warn you.
Another parameter is the quality of the video. To perform a video-quality test, you need to install
your camera full of furniture and stand-ins for people. Then, change the lights and see how well
you can see all the objects in good light, poor light, and without light. Test the backlight too
because it can produce a great impact on how well faces are visible.
Then, test the smart features of your camera, which include a wide range of capabilities
depending on its type (such as facial recognition, monitoring zones, two-way audio, voice
control, geofencing, etc.). All the factors taken together show how much your camera is
“smarter” than other products of the same kind.
Since you can use your camera indoors, it is highly important to test it for security and privacy.
Check the model’s public documentation, paying special attention to privacy policties to see
what the producer is going to do with your data. Make sure your camera uses encryption and
does not share your data with another party.
After you have performed all the enumerated tests, you can be sure that you have invested
money in a good quality product.

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